2019  /  Cambridge, Massachusetts.

|   August 2019   |

Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States   /   Workshop

Cognitive Vision:  Integrated Vision and AI for Embodied Perception and Interaction

The workshop on COGNITIVE VISION solicits contributions addressing computational vision and perception at the interface of language, logic, cognition, and artificial intelligence. The workshop brings together a novel & unique combination of academics and research methodologies encompassing AI, Cognition, and Interaction. The principal emphasis of the workshop is on the integration of vision and artificial intelligence from the viewpoints of embodied perception, interaction, and autonomous control. In addition to basic research questions, the workshop addresses diverse application areas where, for instance, the processing and semantic interpretation of (potentially large volumes of) highly dynamic visuo-spatial imagery is central: autonomous systems, cognitive robotics, medical & biological computing, social media, cultural heritage & art, social media, psychology and behavioural research domains where data-centred analytical methods are gaining momentum.

   The Seventh International Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems (ACS 2019), Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)