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Training School 2022 Venue

TRAINING SCHOOL 2022    /    Venue.  Directions.

Schloss Etelsen  /  Bremer Straße 2, 27299 Langwedel, Germany
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TARGET AUDIENCE    /    Participants are expected to primarily be doctoral candidates and research-driven students. Participants interested in obtaining a scholarship should submit an application to participate as per Application Guidelines (details below). Selected applicants will be financially supported for their participation in the school. The Scholarship includes travel expenses and a daily allowance which covers accommodation and meals. The exact amount of the scholarship is based on the expected costs and the maximal amount for reimbursement will be communicated after acceptance.

SCHOLARSHIP ELIGIBILITY AND GUIDELINES.   For participation with a scholarship, the Training School is primarily (but not exclusively) aimed at early stage doctoral researchers and research-inclined students enrolled full-time in an advanced educational programme. Eligible candidates have to comply with the COST Vademecum (, i.e., they shall be affiliated to, an academic institution, organisation or company which has within its remit a clear association with performing research and is from a COST Full Member, a COST Cooperating Member country, or a Near Neighbour Country (NNC). ( Eligible candidates need to submit the following items in a single PDF document via Easychair:

  1. One-page CV
  2. Reference letter by principal research/thesis advisor, motivating the need for financial support
  3. In max 300 words, Research Description (if already pursuing a thesis or similar), or else a Motivating Statement of Interest in the topics of the school. If applicable, also include at most two brief citations to your own most relevant peer-reviewed publications (do not cite unpublished or informal publications).
  4. Candidates who receive a Scholarship to join the Training School are expected to participate and present their research in a doctoral colloquium during the school; further guidelines about the doctoral colloquium will be provided with the letter of acceptance.

Application  -or-  Expression of Interest

Applications are accepted and evaluated in two rounds, with a first deadline on May 15 2022, and a second deadline on June 5 2022; after this date, new applications will only be considered if there are still places available (please note that places are limited even if a scholarship is not sought).

Selection Criteria

Applicants will be selected based on personal research interest and experience relevant to the school’s theme and topics. The selection committee will do their best in terms of ensuring fair and inclusive distribution with respect to gender, geographic location.
Following acceptance, applicants must register via the e-COST platform and add their banking and other details in order to receive a formal invitation via e-COST and be eligible for reimbursement of costs. A requirement to be reimbursed is that accepted participants officially apply to become members of Multi3Generation (details will be provided as part of the notification).